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  • Cheesy Sausage Egg & Biscuit Skillet

    Cheesy Sausage Egg & Biscuit Skillet

    Quiches are out. This one pan plan breakfast skillet is in! And, its delicous. I used my favorite, meatless, plant based sausage from Beyond Meat – but you can use real sausage too. I only had medium cheddar cheese in the refrigerator, but I bet this would be great with a variety of different cheeses. One…

  • Hotcakes – And no, I’m not referring to myself.

    Hotcakes – And no, I’m not referring to myself.

    Hey y’all. Joe Luke here. Finally, a morning I get to sleep in! It’s about 9:45am and I can faintly hear the pots and pans banging around in the kitchen and there’s a sweet, buttery smell, permeating the air. I know that smell all too well. It’s my favorite breakfast. The only time she makes…